Our Program


Ongoing training

Fight Like The Gracie’s! This unique Jiu-Jitsu method was developed in Rio de Janeiro, by the brothers Carlos and Hélio Gracie. Unarmed, you will learn strikes, throws (take-downs), holds, leg, choke and joint-locks. You will learn to escape from different holds, on the ground and standing, quickly and efficiently, no matter how heavy and big the aggressor is…


Blue belts & up

Our “Gracie Concepts” training method is based on: INTRODUCTION, ISOLATION (repetition) and INTEGRATION. Authentic Gracie Jiu-Jitsu consists of 54-continuous lessons that are now practiced in Randori (light sparring under progressive resistance). In GJJ, no nonsense techniques are taught, and the emphasis is on self-defense (without rules) rather than sport BJJ (competition)…


Street Safe

Our STRIKING CLASS is not a Thai boxing class! The primary goal is to offer our Jiu-Jitsu-kas in the area of “punching / kicking techniques & clinch work” an optimal complement. In the classic Gracie method, the punching techniques remain in the background because, in a self-defense situation (on the street), you want to finish the fight as quickly as possible. We do not want to provoke a “boxing match”, but as quickly as possible to control the opponent and bring ourselves to safety…


Street Smart – Women Only!

The official Gracie Concepts self-defense course for women, consists of three levels of 12 lessons each, which is based on the techniques of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. You’ll learn how to protect yourself against the most common attacks – from grabbing your hair to being pinned to the ground by an armed attacker. Each one-hour Women-Only lesson covers two scenarios. You can start the course at any time and attend any lesson with no prior experience. Unlike most SD systems, which rely heavily on strength, speed and coordination, the techniques in the Women-Only course rely on leverage, technique and timing so that any woman, regardless of age or athletic ability, can use them against larger and heavier opponents…


Street Smart – Weaponry!

In this course, the training usually starts with the (Eskrima) double sticks to learn gross and fine mechanics (footwork, up/down separate body movement, thrust/strike flow, left/right coordination, etc.). The second step, is then with the help of a stick (or knife), to learn the defense and counter techniques for self-defense. At the beginning, it is more or less a “duel fight”, so how to proceed when both fighters have the same weapon, but then, you go to the so-called “hostile scenarios”, up to the complex topic, the defense against perpetrators with a firearm…

Over 48 years of martial arts experience (including 35+ years of experience in the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the authentic Gracie Way) make Franco Vacirca a specialist in dealing with people in the martial arts.

His teaching philosophy is based on creating a family atmosphere where people can train in a friendly, clean, and healthy environment. A great attitude, good energy and a lot of smiles always follow Franco wherever he goes to teach.

The training process is based on hard work and dedication, with special attention to detail and the development of discipline and willpower. Emphasis is placed on building self-confidence and using positive reinforcement to teach confidence in one’s abilities and techniques.

We invite you to come by and try it out.
We offer private and group lessons.

Member fee: CHF 540.- /Semester
Single entry: CHF 30.- (Visitors only)

Reduced Member fees
U28, CHF 480.- /Semester
U21, CHF 420.- /Semester
U14, CHF 360.- /Semester

Running months
Ü28, CHF 100.- /Mt.
U28, CHF 90.- /Mt.
U21, CHF 80.- /Mt.
U14, CHF 70.- /Mt.

Annual Network license
CHF 70.- / EUR 60.- (1.01.-31.12.2023)

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